Good branding is self-perpetuating

It is an energising force that encourages everyone to participate, shape and own the brand around a common purpose that is much broader than making money.

Good branding allows people to flourish. Employees feel empowered, suppliers valued, investors confident, customers loved, communities appreciated and societies thrive.


Good branding is never just a logo or a marketing initiative. Good branding is simply good business.

We’re Robin


We worked with some of the world’s best agencies and the world’s biggest brands.  And we loved it. But it was time for a change – so we set up Robin in 2015.


We offer the same level of professionalism and know-how but on a more personal scale. We work collaboratively, stimulating debate. We provoke, project and crystalise. We want the people we work with to feel inspired, energised and supported. Aiming to create, together, good brands that are good for everyone, wherever they are.



Nick Payne, Director


Start-up or long established businesses, Nick loves working with ambitious leaders to help them create, re-imagine and energise their brands. It is what gets him out of bed in the morning.


Nick has helped shape some of the world’s biggest brands, including Canon, Sony, Castrol, Barclaycard, Deloitte and the Premier League. He has helped companies like NatWest, Ericsson and Indesit align their culture and business strategies, through leadership workshops and engagement activities. And he equally enjoys working with start-ups and small businesses, helping them to grow their businesses, appropriately.


A man of many hats, Nick trained originally as a designer, earned his stripes at Addison in London, was the Creative Director at Enterprise IG for ten years, Operations Director at Brand Union London, and then Worldwide Director of Branding for Brand Union’s global network.


Nikki Oct 18

Nikki Morris, Director


Having worked for ten years at Wolff Olins in London, Nikki has worked with real industry game-changers such as Orange and Chiswick Park, standard-setting established global corporations like Unilever and Mobil, and inspirational charities like The Prince’s Trust and World Vision.


Prior to Wolff Olins, Nikki was the Re-Branding Manager for Granada Motorway Services, having first worked at Addision as Communications Manager.


Nikki wants to help organisations remain relevant, whatever their sector or size. From primary, prep and senior schools in the education sector through to global corporations, Nikki has proven that branding is a powerful change agent that can inspire change and sustain success.