Business Park, Chiswick



Stanhope, the award-winning property developers, had a bold ambition, to put people rather than buildings at the heart of a West London office development in Chiswick Park.


This was to be the first office development in London to truly embrace the idea that people are more important than bricks and mortar. The vision was to go beyond award-winning architecture and landscaping. The developers wanted to create a world-class concierge service that treated its occupiers more like guests than tenants.



Imagining what an ideal future workplace environment would be like, with key stakeholders in workshops, it became clear that Chiswick Park needed to deliver more than beautiful buildings and access to things that would make lives easier, like dry-cleaners and cafes, it would also need the things that make working life richer – more stimulating, inspiring and fun.


The opportunity for Chiswick Park was to be the facilitator of great business.


Further research and exploration of what makes workers happier and businesses more successful drew us to the very logical conclusion that if Chiswick Park could be a place where people enjoyed work then it could be the place where they did their best work.



Wolff-Olins created a brand that helped shape the Chiswick Park offer. We kept the name Chiswick Park for the development, to highlight its great location, but locked the name with the web address ENJOY-WORK.COM, and gave the development a bold and distinctive visual and verbal style.


Chiswick Park’s concierge concept developed into an estate management team responsible for creating and maintaining an innovative work environment and delivering a programme of events and services aimed at improving business productivity by making work life more enjoyable.

Best workplace



Chiswick Park is ranked in the top 10, of UK’s 50 Best Workplaces, consistently. In a recent survey 95% of Chiswick Park employees agreed that the Enjoy-Work environment and ethos enhances their productivity.


Companies such as Discovery, Paramount, Singapore Airlines, Starbucks have endorsed the Enjoy-Work brand by locating their European or UK headquarters to Chiswick Park.


Over the sixteen years of the phased development Chiswick Park has demonstrated its success by attracting and retaining occupiers and achieving premium rents.



Not all of our experience has been gained as Robin.


So far, most of our stories, such as Chiswick Park, were achieved during our time at Brand Union and Wolff Olins, where between us we spent the best part of 30 years.