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Dulwich Prep Cranbrook is an independent, co-educational, day and flexi-boarding prep school in Kent, educating children from 3 years to 13 years old.


Research revealed there was a disconnect between how parents and staff viewed the school, and how the school was perceived by those yet to join. Parents, staff and pupils described the school as a warm, friendly and nurturing community, where children of all abilities and talents flourish. External audiences saw Dulwich as modern, lacking in personality and a school where only the most academic and sporty children thrived.


The school needed to better align its reputation with reality. At the same time Paul David, the Headmaster, saw his opportunity to clarify his vision for the school, galvanise staff around a sharpened proposition and to proactively build the right reputation for Dulwich Prep based all the school’s strengths.



We ran workshops with staff and parents to better understand the genuine strengths and benefits of a Dulwich education.


Together, we defined the school purpose and succinctly articulated their approach as ‘From the inside out’. We developed six core values, INSIDE (Individuality, Nurture, Self-belief, Innovation, Delight and Extraordinary), and worked with the Senior Management Team to embed the values into strategic plans and core messages.
An exciting range of new initiatives have since been introduced, from the Dulwich TV, coding club and girls cricket to new apps for parents, inspiring visiting speakers and summer cookery club run by the school’s chefs.




Working with Rubric Creative, we developed a visual identity that was a truer reflection of the compassionate and dynamic learning community at Dulwich.


The name of the school was shortened to Dulwich Prep Cranbrook. Still clearly part of the Dulwich Preparatory School Trust but less of a mouthful. The monogram was simplified so it works in the digital age.


Dulwich became the school of many colours to reflect the vibrant community and celebrate the full gamut of opportunities, personalities and talents. The monogram, like a torch, shines a light on each child, illuminating their individual and extraordinary potential.





The whole school community is clearer and more confident about what makes Dulwich special and why.


The school’s vision to nurture confident and compassionate children who have all the support they need to fulfil their extraordinary potential, is stimulating a more innovative culture.


The warmth and dynamism of Dulwich life is now captured brilliantly and shared through the new website, social media and internal communications – everyone is invited behind the scenes daily to witness the magic within through the streaming of live performances, children presenting Dulwich TV, or tweets of class-happenings.


Dulwich’s academic and sporting achievements continue to impress but increasingly people recognise the school’s prowess in other areas. The Good School’s Guide observed “every school we now visit will have its art compared to the benchmark of Dulwich Prep Cranbrook: truly stunning…easily compared to GCSE projects elsewhere.”

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