There are four steps to good branding, which can, rather nattily, be captured by the acronym IDEA.




No two projects are identical but all benefit from undertaking, in some shape or form, each of the four steps.



The more informed we are about your business and your ambitions, the more insightful and relevant our advice will be.


Different challenges require different levels of strategic insight. Certain briefs only need a day of desk research, whereas more complex briefs demand a much more rigorous approach. There are many ways to gain insight, from secret shopping, online surveys, interviews, workshops, through to a full identity audit. We’ll work with you to agree the level of strategic insight you need, and how best to achieve that.




Clarity is king – with clarity comes confidence and empowerment – and we help our clients crystallise the whole gamut of brand fundamentals, from brand strategy, personality and tone of voice through to the creative pitch process, design briefs and implementation plans.


Whatever your challenge, central to our approach is working with a credible, sustainable and differentiating brand strategy. We can help you create one or sharpen your existing, and define how it can be used to its greatest effect.




Whereas Define is about crystallisation and pinning down the fundamentals, Engage is about opening things up and working with a wider audience to bring the theory to life in a way that means it will work brilliantly for everyone, everywhere.


How we do this will depend largely on you – what resources and experience you have. We often work as an extension of our client’s marketing department – collaborating with creative agencies, briefing commercial partners on the strategic benefits of a new idea – as well as working within our client’s organisation to get buy-in to new ideas and ways of working.



When you are ready to activate your brand or initiative, we support you.
From embedding brand values and running workshops with your staff, through to devising communication strategies and implementation plans, directing agencies, right down to writing copy – we can help you in whatever capacity best suits you and your resources.