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The Premier League is the world’s most popular football league, acknowledged for
a fast and intensive style of play, featuring many of the world’s best players and
most loved clubs. As a business, it is has rightfully earned its global reputation as extremely successful. It is also seen as having high integrity both on and off the
pitch. However it is clear from research that although fans love football they don’t
love the League.

Much of the criticism targeted at the Premier League stems from people’s lack of
awareness of what the League makes possible, and of the substantial financial
commitment the League makes to the rest of football and its communities more
generally. No other sporting body gets close to their level of investment or
support, and yet the Premier League is continually criticized for the state of the
national team and grass roots football. Expectations have been further raised as
the Premier League’s record-breaking £8bn broadcasting deal over the next three
seasons only heightens the reputational challenges it faces.


From the start of the 2016/17 season, the League will operate without a title sponsor
(currently Barclays) for the first time since its inaugural 1992/93 season. This presents the Premier League with the perfect opportunity to create one unified brand (currently a
corporate and competition brand exist) and build stronger relationships with its fans,
communities and wider society.

We have created a brand strategy, including defining the Premier League’s purpose,
brand idea and values, to help the League close the gap between perception and reality
and shift the reputation of the League from a commercial business for the few
to a human brand for everyone – the fans, the players, the clubs, the local communities
and the wider society.

On behalf of the Premier League we have also recruited the right creative agencies to bring the brand strategy to life appropriately and powerfully – creating a brand that is unifying, digital-first and purpose driven.

Premier League

Premier League


It is early days. The soft launch of the new brand identity in February is just one
very visible manifestation of the new brand strategy and the Premier League’s
determination to strengthen its connection between exciting football and how it
inspires and invigorates lives.

We continue to work with the Premier League and its many partners in the
run up to the 2016/2017 season and the full launch of the new brand.

Watch this space.

Premier League